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Journeyman III

every driver after 18.11.3 change my native resulotion to 720x480

hi  everyone hope for help 

when the new latest games release out i updated my rx570 drivers and now the story begin.

after the update to 19.2.1 

my native resolution change to 720x480 (from3840x2160)

how its effect me ? i cant now the 2560x1440 also in gaming its just disappear also in desktop resolution

and all the games are blurry in motion far cry metro and aco and more and when i do clean install to any version previously to 18.11.3 its back to normal

what did i do before i came to ask here

1. update win 10 all drivers

2. update any version of AMD radon from 18.5.3 that how i know its hapend only on 18.11.3 and above

3. formatting the pc. yes deleted all

4. update windows version and prev version 1807 

4. buy 2 kinds of hdmi cable both hdmi 2.0 and above

5.update all the chip set and bios 

6. update drivers of my monitor and check if release new firm 

7.using by amdclean utility and install each driver

7. put my head in the wall for 10 min 

8.come to AMD forums to find any solution for fix it cause i cant wait no more to play far cry as i should


i have i5- 8400 2.8 9 catch 

rx 570 4GB

8GB ram 

z370 msi motherboard

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Adept II


It sounds like your monitor switches to the UHD-380 which is build in your CPU.

Make sure (or disable the onboard graphics) your video runs with the graphics card and

not from the CPU.

Hope it helps


For clarity, windows 10, view -> display settings thinks that 720p is your native resolution? or radeon drivers think this is your native resolution?

Journeyman III

hi thank you for your responds

in my display setting its set now on 4k but the recommended resolution is 720x480 (its supposed to be 3840x2160)

the PC just set and recognize the monitor as 720x480 

and its affect many things the most impotent its make the resolution 2560x1440 2k just disappear not even in gray 

but if i roll back the driver to 18.9.3 its fix everything the problem is that i need to updates for the new games

my PC its a desktop PC not laptop so my only other graphic driver is Microsoft basic graphic that i try to update too

now i try to figure out if that the driver issue or radon software issue 

any solution people? thanks a lot i am little bit lost


Try to reboot your monitor. When everything is running plug the monitors power cable, wait for 10-15 seconds then plug it back in.

Sometimes that seems to help the gpu to see the correct resolution.


Or plugging the hdmi in and out worked for some people too as i heard.


Try disabling the iGPU via bios, this is what other poster has recommended. 

Journeyman III

just try to disable the igpu from bios and it was already disable

i think once the pc detect graphic cars the bios automatic disable igpu

now i try the plug in and out and power shut check if it work .... even i buy already 2 hdmi cable and replace them hope for good news:)


How are things working out at the moment?

What if your, i know it may sound crazy, monitor is just faulty for some reason?

Can you try your GPU and the newest drivers on another monitor just for the test? If it works there then

we will have to probe your current monitor with some different settings. Or a hdmi TV, all works.

If it works there then its the monitors riddle.


Similar issue with RX480 card ... my native resolution for my Dell U2710HM was 2560×1440 before update but after driver update it's now 1680×1200 ... so annoying...