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Journeyman III

Error Device removed in frostbite games in Dx11 only--Can someone confirm this game works with my hardware configuration?

Current Hardware:

CPU: AMD Ryzen Gen 1 1700x

MB: Gigabyte Gaming 3 X370 (NOT K3!)

BIOS: Rev F20

Ram: 16 GB Apacer 3200mhz running at 2400mhz

GPU: Sapphire Tri-X  Fury Standard NON-OC Running 18.1.1 drivers.

Montitor: Rev 1 Monoprice Psuedo 4k UHD, using Display port at 1080 60 hz

Current Windows install: Windows 10 Pro, all the updates on both Windows and Drivers.

PSU: I dont remember the Exacts, but its a 750 Antec PSU, 2 years old.

I can't get SWBF2 (2017) or Mass Effect : Andromeda to run in DX11 mode. SWBF2 crashes back to desktop in DX11 mode, and ME:A goes to a black screen and feeds me error message telling me that while creating a 2d texture the graphics card was removed from the program (DXGI Error_Device_Removed). I can tell that the AMD Drivers are actually crashing because if I run a video player in the background that rely on the GPU for processing (Altered setup of SM Player) it will crash and complain about the GPU going missing. This applies to both games. After updating my GPU and Chipset drivers, and updating windows I still get the message. I reinstalled my Visual C++ Libraries (all of them) and the issue persists. I setup a install of Windows 10 on a new partition and installed all the base system drivers and GPU drivers and still get the problem on that. I reinstalled Windows 8, updated to 8.1, installed my chipset and GPU drivers, visual C++ and the issue still occurs on that.

I installed a game that uses DX11 and installed the Heaven DX11 Benchmark tool, both of those run fine. I then installed June 2017 Drivers and the issue persisted on that (Using DDU/Safe mode). I altered the TDR Level to 8, issue still persists. I reinstalled stock bios on my GPU just in case something was going corrupt there and updated my system Bios, issue persists/ I down-clocked my GPU Core to 900 instead of 1000 using MSI Afterburner, issue still persisted.

I would primarily like to confirm that this system configuration is working for Frostbite games for someone else, particularly the GPU/CPU/MB combo. Failing that, any advice on how to proceed is appreciated. I can make room for another windows install as needed, and I have valid/legal retail keys to install windows 10, 8, or 7. That being said, installing 8 is a pain due to network drivers wanting to be installed on 8.1 and needing NET framework which requires a internet connection, so if you want a OS installed 10 or 7 are the easier choices.

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