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Error 186 when installing Adrenline 2020?

Hey guys,

Got an XFX Thicc 2 5700XT, only about a month or two old.

Been trying to update to 2020 edition but every time I try I get error 186! I have ran DDU and AMD's driver remover multiple times in an attempt to get it to download. Apparently 186 is "Radeon Software Install Cannot Proceed as Some Files Have Been Detected as Missing" but I'm confused as I straight downloaded from AMD so... how could I be missing files? I've tried redownloading the package multiple times, but always come up with the same error... Maybe I'm just missing something? (No pun intended... ok maybe a bit)

Please help, 2019 drivers aren't my favorite, but at least they're working... 2020 drivers already got a bad taste in my mouth lol Help!



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