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Journeyman III

Error 184 and GPU not found

hi everybody,

I built a new System with my old Vega56 and it cant be seen in the Hardware Manager. after looking for answers in Forums I still couldnt get it working. Even with an old Driver the Error 184 Shows up. I already reinstalled Windows 10 Pro and updated the Drivers of my Mainboard but it didnt help. On my old Pc its still working perfectly.

Thanks for helping an nice holidays

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AMD Error 184 is saying that you are trying to install a AMD Driver on a Operating System that it isn't compatible with.

Screenshot 2021-12-27 195404.png

Make sure your Windows is fully updated via Windows Update for AMD Drivers to install and work correctly.

Here is the latest AMD VEGA56 Driver from 12/2021 for both Windows 10 & 11:

Make sure you use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) with the internet disconnected and deleting the previous AMD Installation folder at C:\AMD.

Download the full Vega56 package and now see if it installs and recognizes your GPU card. If you are using a unsupported Windows OS version that probably is the reason for that error.


Hi, I tried as you told me, but it still didnt work. why is it not running on Win10 Pro? I was using it on the same Operation System as before, but now it doesnt work. I checked the Motherboard Drivers again and it showed that the new vga Driver failed. and now iam getting there Errors too if i try to update it. So i think everything Fails becouse of the Motherboard Driver that cant be updated becouse of the same Error 184. So please tell me which Windows exactly i can try.




Just to make sure, double check "Make sure your Windows is fully updated via Windows Update for AMD Drivers to install and work correctly." You will have to let Windows update all the way until it says no updates and you may have to restart and run windows update again until it's finished then install the drivers. I hope you get your problem solved.