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Journeyman III

Error 175 Trying to get AMD Graphics back

I decided to try a new graphics card that I thought would work better on my computer than the AMD graphics in my computer.

So I uninstalled the AMD graphics and added my new graphics card. (1024 MB)

I was wrong. It made my computer worse and cant even play video games that I used to play on my PC.

So I went into the AMD website to try to find a way to download it back.

When I used the download option where it would find for me the version I need, I ended up getting a 175 error message.

it tells me to download 2 things so I did.
But it still brought the 175 error message again.

Any recommendations?

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It is very difficult to determine the reason for the error 175 without the following AMD Forum request: INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION

Could be an legacy AMD GPU card, or incorrect BIOS setting, or your Motherboard has an Integrated Graphics onboard that the driver doesn't recognize, or you have a Laptop and you are trying to install the incorrect driver for the laptop etc. Until you supply the Computer Specs, it is anyone's guess as to why you are getting the 175 error during installation.