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Adept III

Enhanced sync stuttering

I have random stuttering in online games with Enhanced sync. With usual Vsync no stuttering but lag present.

-Monitor 60hz(NOT freesync)

-Xeon E3 1240

-rx570(19.9.2) 4gb

-16gb ram ddr3

-650w PSU

+50 power limit setting used in driver

Tried also Scanlinesync(MSI Afterburner and RTSS)+Enhanced sync = no luck


solution - 

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Vsync must be set to the game..if you choose Enhanced Sync from Wattman.


tried, not help

Enhanced Sync without FreeSync monitor useless?


Works perfect for me and my standard monitor. Check the display setting of your computer...sometimes new drivers change the display setting from 60hz to 59hz. It seems to matter.


Screenrefresh - only 60hz to me, DVI. Samsung 2443.

Strange, but stutter with Esync most during online games, offline games works smooth even with Esync.


honestly, before my actual freesync monitor i had Esync enabled with no stuttering at all and NO frame limiter, gosh. on/offline games perfectly smooth.


That's wrong...

Enhanced sync and freesync are designed to work together... 

There should be no stuttering at all....with settings out of the box.

Are you making these changes in the Global settings or in the game profile?

Do you have any third party graphics controller (like afterburner) installed on your computer?

Nope. Esync and freesync do work together and frtc ain't required, rather not use it as it may introduce latency/stuttering

Enhanced Sync and FreeSync function should work fine with both enabled and this how is how i run all of my Ryzen and Threadripper systems.

Sounds like it could be a local system issue causing the stuttering. Additional information would be useful so we can offer some additional troubleshooting suggestions. 



Stuttering can be caused from many different things. One thing that really did help mine is a new app from wagnardsoft_com the folks that make DDU. It is supposed to help some causes of stuttering. You might see if it has any impact on your situation. Can't hurt to try.

Intelligent standby list cleaner (ISLC)

Intelligent standby list cleaner (ISLC) - Wagnardsoft Forum 

Its Win10 only? I have 2 OS Win7 and Win10 Under both i have similar stuttering with Esync.


Yes that utility is Win 10 only. Nobody new what OS you use since you did not give that required information to post to begin with. 

I can tell you that I tried my RX 580 on my 1080p TV that is 60hz with Enhanced Sync on and played Battlfield V for over 2 hours tonight to see if I had any issues. I normally game on a FreeSync Monitor and never have issues there. I just wanted to see if another monitor would cause an issue.  I had zero stuttering problems. There can be many things that cause stuttering issues. From mouse drivers to things like having DHCP enabled on some monitors. It can be memory issues, cache issues or as you suspect driver issues. I can only tell you that in Windows 10 for me I had no issue with an RX 580 and my card is very similar to yours. 

I would add that looking up your CPU specs they are actually pretty slow at this point. In fact with recent updates that counter the Specter, Meltdown and now Hyper Threading vulnerabilities on that cpu, it may have had it's performance even more handicapped than you realize. It is hard to pin down a cause without being able to look at it myself. I am however pretty sure it is not the driver causing your issue but I have been wrong before. 

I would also recommend you not be using Afterburner. AMD does not recommend the use of third party programs they are known to interfere with normal driver operation. Any tweak you can do there can be done in Radeon Settings with native software. 

Adept III

Found some solution for me:

1. Vsync must be OFF in game settings

2. Enhanced sync is ON in game profile in Radeon settings

3. FRTC must be ON(or OFF if Afterburner+RTSS(Scanlinesync) is using) in game profile in Radeon settings

4. Afterburner+RTSS(Scanlinesync) must be ON or OFF, depending of game

Now i almost have no stuttering with Enhanced sync on usual nonFreeSync monitor

Awesome I am glad you found a solution and thanks for replying. It may very well help another with your issue.

I just started using my RX 580 with a Samsung TV with no adaptive sync ability. I am super impressed with how well enhance sync is working at stopping the tearing. You wouldn't know it isn't a FreeSync monitor.

And what settings you using? And what games working good on yours rx580+Samsung TV?


 Mine is an older 47" Samsung 1080p tv just 60 hz.  It does support 10 bit color though. So I am just running with vsync of in games and vsync off globally and enhanced sync on globally. I am not using FRTC or Chill. I did enable RIS. 


Thanks! So only one setting - enhanced sync ON globally. And this your setting works good on all games that you are running? What is the RIS?

RIS (Radeon Image Sharpening) it enhances the image with sharpening with zero performance or lag impact. I can't speak so far to more than a few games. I have only played I think 5 since setting this new computer up on that TV last week. I can tell your that Battlfield V, Battlefield 1, Battlefront II, The Golf Club 2019 and Dark Souls 3 are all playing great so far.

RIS info: 

Thanks for iformation! RIS available since 19.9.3 drivers. According to this information  RIS works only on Dx12 and Vulkan API games for Polaris architecture?


I have only tried it in DX 12 games so not sure about vulkan. I would imagine it will be a work in progress and will likely have parity in support eventually.