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Endless issues/ drivers timing out, Artifacts on screen constantly, Discord crashing, Games crashing

I recently updated my drivers and after about a week my pc crashed twice and i thought nothing of it until i saw these little pixels appearing on my monitor and they are constantly appearing and popping up in different places 24/7, This is happening on my screen as i type this right now. Discord is crashing along with me getting a notification about my drivers timing out, this either happens consistently (once every minute) or once an hour. This is the first time I've ran into a driver problem and I've had this PC for almost two years. I have installed DDU and went to safe mode to remove the drivers and reinstall multiple times, hasn't worked. I did it through the AMD application multiple times, I've done it through windows multiple times and nothing has changed. Whenever i uninstall them and go back to the basic window display adapters the problem disappears. Ive tried a multitude of settings in AMD, restarted dozens of times and messed with monitor settings as well. Problem still persists. Has anyone else had the artifact issue? i cant find it anywhere. and if there is a fix i haven't seen it. I'm hoping for some type of fix that doesn't require just waiting for an update. Sorry for any inconveniences and i appreciate all replies

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In the Adrenalin software, Performance tab, Tuning section, verify that the Default profile is selected and there is not an overclock applied. You can also click on the gear Settings icon in the top right corner and perform a Factory Reset if any settings have been changed. On the Metrics tab you can enable the Overlay to monitor temperatures in game, you can also enable logging to save an output of the values.





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