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ENB Post processing for Skyrim (2011) does not function on 5700s

The post processing injector outlined above does not function correctly with Navi cards on Skyrim Legendary Edition. I have tested it with 2 Nvidia cards, GTX 1070 and RTX 2080, and both function normally. Vega 64 and the 580 from AMD also work correctly.

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AMD usually does not develop drivers acording to 3rd party softwares. The 3rd party software you are using was probably developed by testing nVidia driver. You can ask AMD about this problem. 
I want to say this. ENB is a very old 3rd party software. I think it's normal to have problems with AMD.


ENB has received updates for years and still does. And it only has issues with Navi, Radeon VII. Vega 56/64 and 570/580 all work. So, no, this isn't something that is normal when it is present in a single product line, which coincidentally has buggy drivers and causes several other driver related issues.

Then, you should contact AMD. I also want to specify that the software you use is 3rd party software and works by throwing a hook onto DX-API.


You definitely have this backwards. Talk to the people that produce ENB. It's up to them to support new GPUs, then if they find it's an actual bug they can file a bug report.

The issue is not the injector. Navi has several issues with DX9 games, you can check AMD's reddit and AMDHelp


I am a graphics developer, and there are actual performance issues with DX9 which are generally caused by features not being handled correctly by the driver. I have already written a complete report to AMD driver issues division. I was just hopeful it would be faster to get help here, since there are a few employees that reply here.

Hooks should not be an issue since they hook to features on the driver itself, but if the implementation is faulty it will fail. Hence why the injector works on Dx11 games.

This is a user-to-user forum. So bringing it up here is pretty much the same as doing nothing. Sometimes users hit the lottery and an actual AMD employee replies. But usually, AMD is not very responsive here.