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Adept I

Embedded V1000 display driver support?

The V1000 APUs have fairly old display drivers... I really need Vulkan 1.1 support!

Is there a timeline for updating these drivers?


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You can do two things:

1) Open an AMD EMAIL SUPPORT Ticket and see what their response is from here: Email Form​. Maybe the Embedded Specialist at AMD Support will be able to say if the latest Embedded Drivers support Vulcan 1.1 or send you the Release Notes on the Driver.

2) Post your question at AMD OPENCL/VULCAN Forum from here: OpenGL & Vulkan . Possibly Deepak ​(AMD Moderator) might be able to assist you.


I've already opened a ticket last week and haven't received a response.

I'll try the OpenCL/Vulkan group!

I assume AMD is already working on this.

Thanks for your help!


was the Support Ticket via Email or through the AMD Website.

Email Support normally responds back to you while through the AMD Website (AMD Issue Reporting Form ) doesn't but lets AMD Support be aware that there is an issue they need to look at.


It was through here: Embedded Technical Support


Maybe Deepak ​can give you access to .

I know if you put in a EMAIL SUPPORT TICKET you may have a better chance of getting a reply back. If that was the method you originally opened with.


Hi allanmac

Just to let you know, I have forwarded your query to the concerned team. Once I get any information on this, I'll share with you.

BTW, I see a similar thread here: Vulkan 1.1 support for V1000 Embedded APUs?

Adept I

The newest Win10 driver for the V1000 series is still from June 20th.

I'd really like to see Vulkan 1.1 support on this device before it ages out.

The Raven Ridge APUs have Vulkan 1.1 support... is there a hard date for the V1000 APUs to also receive this level of support?

Adept I

I see 18.9.1 has been released and there is still no support for the V1000 which is nearly identical to the 2400G.

The V1807B's Vega 11 has a PCI ID of: 15DD / REV81.

Any definitive date on when the ancient V1000 Windows drivers will be updated?

Journeyman III

Unoptimized linux driver for Ryzen Embedded APU V1807b:

#opencl on ryzen#amd ryzen embedded v1000dipak

We are a startup in aviation industry and recently purchased Ryzen embedded V1807b APU from a reputed vendor, installed Ubuntu 18.04 on it. Downloaded one of the linux drivers - AMD Linux® 64-bit Driver 4.14 Kernel from AMD's website listed for this board. The install was successful, ./rocminfo and ./clinfo gave the correct information of the device hardware. But, we experienced issues from the driver. One of the example is, When running a simple OpenCL program on the system in a loop (1000 iterations), we noticed the program execution stalled for 2sec-3sec in between iterations and stopped execution after a certain iteration number without giving any error message or segfault. We contacted our vendor, shared our observation and test program with them. They asked us to install the other driver provided on the website AMD Linux® 64-bit Driver 4.19.8 Kernel. Did fresh install of 18.04, installed this new driver successfully. The simple OpenCL program completed successfully, but the problem of stalling of the program for 2-3sec still persisted.

We went ahead, installed various software packages necessary to run our image processing OpenCL software stack on this new Ryzen embedded APU. Prior to this we had Merlin Falcon RX421 BD embedded APU board with 8 compute units were running the same software stack on it at 15 frames per sec(fps). We were expecting increase in the performance and get higher frame rate from the Ryzen embedded APU. To our dismay, Ryzen embedded APU processed at 7 fps. We contacted our vendor again, they performed the standard LuxMark_v3.1 OpenCL benchmark on both Merlin falcon APU and Ryzen embbeded V1807b APU boards and shared the following results that correlate to the slowdown we see in our application.

LuxMark_v3.1 benchmark results for Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 respectively:
OS :Windows 10
Merlin Falcon FP4-RX421BD:

Hotel Lobby: 349

Nueman TLM0102 SE: 1508

LuxBall HDR: 2290

Ryzen Embedded FP5-V1807:

Hotel Lobby: 767
Nueman TLM0102 SE: 2349
LuxBall HDR: 3484

OS: Ubuntu 18.04.1
Merlin Falcon FP4-RX421BD:

Hotel Lobby: 175
Nueman TLM0102 SE: 1474
LuxBall HDR: 2193

Ryzen Embedded FP5-V1807:

Hotel Lobby: 112
Nueman TLM0102 SE: 854
LuxBall HDR: 1423

As one can see, V1807 has higher performance than RX421 in Windows 10. The V1807 performs considerably slow and is only about 60% of RX421 performance in Linux.

We are baffled as to how AMD releases the drivers without actually testing or optimizing them for the boards and making customers scrabble for answers on various sites in vain leaving Linux users like us frustrated with their products. The Nvidia's embedded systems doesn't have any of these driver issues for Ubuntu OS and work out of the box.

And, before someone suggests, try ROCm n all that, we did that aswell. On a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 install(Ubuntu kernel 4.15), we installed ROCm 3.0 from the github page. While ./rocminfo gives the correct output, the ./clinfo executable resulted in segfault error making ROCm install useless for running the OpenCL programs.

Can We expect someone from AMD to respond to this problem and advice how to go about fixing this?


Thank you for reporting it and sharing the benchmark results.

Hi amdmatt‌,

As the user has mentioned above, they are experiencing some performance issues on Linux for Ryzen Embedded APU V1807b. Could you please forward it to the appropriate team?



Hi dipak‌ and amdmatt‌, do you have any update?