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Journeyman III

Elite Dangerous RX6900XT

And it still does not work.... It's really disappointing and frustrating.

 How many times have I searched the help forums since May. Now I see it as one of my biggest mistakes to buy a RX6900XT in February for a lot of money. Please tell me why I should buy an ATI model again? Or even recommend it to someone? 

2 Replies

All your ranting isn't going to get any answers except expressing your opinion of AMD GPU card.

Why don't you post the problems you are having with that specific game or is it for all games?

What is your PC information including Make & Model of your Motherboard, CPU, GPU & Windows and AMD Driver versions installed.

What type of errors are showing up for that game or in Device Manager or in Windows itself?

As stated above, ranting does not help you.  Please post your setup (cpu, ram, gpu, psu, etc), and the problems you are having, and we will see if we can help.  I have played Elilte on various AMD systems, from an 1800x w/480 gpu to a 2700x w/a 480 gpu, 580 and a vega64.  I currently play it on a 5800x w/6900xt