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Journeyman III

Elite dangerous asteroid belts poor performance, clock drop causing lag

As title says.


that was last driver I was using it. Just let u know, that it was issue on previous drivers too (19.12.1 and 20x.x).

GFX was Radeon7. Water cooled. 750W PSU, cpu 8086@5Ghz, ram 2x8gb @4200Mhzc17. Windows 10 1909, then 2004.Temps never went above 80 junction, GPU mostly 55-60 area. HBM2 same.

No issues other games had so far(and tried many), Elite mostly was runnig fine. Problem was that while dropping clocks while cruise is not a big deal(1200-1400Mhz), as it generated 180+FPS anyway, every damn time I went asteroid belts near some gas giant, to mine or hunt pirates I had serious FPS drop with serious clock drops. Like 500-700Mhz on core from default 1800 and fps from 180-300 going to 70?or 45? Maybe not a big deal for ppl with 60hz screens, but I play with strobed 240Hz screen, at 180Hz or 144Hz and that card should be enough for drive decent FPS every fkn time. But no.

I know u care about environment but....

As I said, I do not care about clock drops while cruise and other activities while FPS was stable 140+, but this clock drops with introduced lag was reason I switched to nv. So I did not checked newest 20.7.1 or 7.2 driver.

Do something about that, it suck hard.

It sucked that I have to give my 1y old card to my nephews and search solution on other side.

And, despite large 16Gb VRAM and being on box VR ready...well, with Samsung Odyssey + it was 'ready', for most titles. Elite Dangerous was not one of them, and game has like 5 years? Shitty performance next to stations in Elite, and asteroid belts. And yeah, there was still clock drops while it should be usage maxed out. I know it was just flying rocks and sometimes few NPC ships, but gosh, to have fluid game I had to put a bit lower settings that ppl was using on GTX980...same setup, weaker(in general) card and they have more fluid experience.

As for drivers, in general, had no major problems with all for radeon7 until 19.12.2, this sucked and next good driver that does not inducted black screens or other issues was 20.4.2 and all next.

Ok, complains over. Do not have AMD HW now, my son does(5700XT) and now my nephews have this radeon7.

Please, please improve.

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