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Journeyman III

dxdiag doesn't recognize AMD driver on Azure NVv4 VM

Hello Team,

Hope everything is going is well.  I have  Azure NVv4 VM with Windows Server 2019 Datacenter and I installed the AMD gpu drivers  initially using some other document but later found that Azure VMs only support Microsoft provided AMD drivers. So, I cleaned up the existing installation using the cleanup utility and re-install the driver from:

I am trying to run to see if GPU working as expected, however there is a spike in CPU instead of GPU.

I am able to see the driver from device manager, however dxdiag doesn't have AMD driver information. Any help is appreciated? Thanks!


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Try posting your question at AMD Developer's Forum which will give you access to AMD Server Guru. Someone there might be able to answer your question.

You first must be "Whitelisted" to post any questions in any AMD Developer's Forum so you need to post your question here first to gain access and to determine which Forum your question is best suit for from here: