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Journeyman III

Dual Screen and Freesync issue

Hello, before explaining my problem I specify that I have 2 monitors.
My main monitor is a Pixio PX5 Hayabusa 240 hz with Freesync enabled and my second monitor is an Asus VG248 QE 144 hz
Both screens are in scale mode: full panel
AMD Radeon Software: 19.12.3
graphics cards: MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT evoke oc

When a video is being played on google chrome full screen (both monitors) or not (only on the second monitor),
If I launch a full screen game, my main monitor will display a black screen and then a black screen with backlight but not show me my game.

This issue only occurs on a dual screen configuration (Extended).

When I move the mouse I hear my game that works well but even by doing alt+tab or closing the game nothing is displayed.

Cannot access the menus on my screen when it is in this state and disconnect/reconnect the Displayport cable does nothing.

The only solution is to disconnect the power from the screen and reconnect it so displays something again
( this monitor has no power button other than the joystick behind which does not work in this state)

This problem is very embarrassing because I listen to music or watch videos and I have to do this manipulation every time I launch a game by forgetting and in addition to not being practical I risk eventually to damage the screen and/or the power connector by doing this overtime .

However no problem when freesync is disabled on the screen.

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