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Journeyman III

Dropbox crashes on startup with Radeon Pro Drivers Installed


I've got a strange problem with DropBox and the issue appears related to the graphics driver....

On startup (with a fresh install of Windows), the DropBox client opens then immediately closes again. No errors and nothing of note in the Windows event viewer. It simply doesn't run.

Opening it again manually has the same result.

Here's where it gets interesting- I noticed when I first installed Windows, DropBox was working, the only thing that Windows didn't immediately pick up and install were the drivers for the graphics card (a brand new WX3100). DropBox works fine when windows is running on the generic driver.

After a bit of investigating I've discovered the following way to get the software to run:

 - Go into device manager and disable the driver for the WX3100

 - Open dropbox and let it connect

 - Re-enable the driver

If I go through that procedure, DropBox then runs fine with the driver running as well. The issue is specific to the driver being enabled when starting DropBox.

I'm on the latest build of Windows 10: Build 17763, and I'm running the latest WHQL radeon Pro driver from AMD (dated 29th March 19).

Dropbox is the latest version, 69.4.102

I have raised the issue with DropBox support as well, however the support people I've talked to there don't seem to be able to offer a solution beyond reinstalling DropBox, which doesn't resolve the issue. I've even go as far as fully wiping the machine and re-installing windows.

I wonder if there is some kind of GPU acceleration feature dropbox is using that is the cause of the issue, I looked to try the old trick or reducing display acceleration however in this build of Windows 10 the option is no longer available.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this I'd be very graeful!


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