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Journeyman III

drivers wont install , incompatible with 32bit and 64bit os ?????

hi clever members i am asking for help installing my graphics cards on a windows system an error box comes up saying its the wrong version and i need to check if its 64bit or 32bit and to get the appropriate drivers?

mother board : Asus maximus vi formula with new updated bios to run cpu

cpu : intel 4GH i7 64bit haswell

ram : two sticks 4gb each in the a1 and b1 slots

hdd : two 1TB hitachi in raid0

gpu : two r9 290 in Xfire

psu : corsair gold silent 1000w

gpu's, cpu and motherboard have EK water blocks with hard piping for the cooling so taking a card out will be problematic

so i set the raid up and installed windows, went through all the auto updates but no ccc was downloaded,i used the AMD auto detect to get the driver (64bit) for me but it wouldn't install saying its the wrong version so i downloaded the 32bit driver that started  to go through the prompts but failed saying this computer is not 32 bit? at least it went further.

i did a fresh reinstall and same thing straight away wrong version check for 32 or 64 bit and download again...

looked under devices and it lists both cards but as standard vga drivers and the second card has a yellow triangle.

if i try installing the on board gpu it says computer doesn't meet minimum requirements and if i try plugging HDMI into the other card or the onboard GPU it is blank even if i force bios to use onboard GPU?

GRRR i just want to play ARMA3 dam it

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