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Adept I

Drivers with many options

Good morning, I want to open an interesting theme, having done a few tests and finally check where the problems of sporadic hangs with certain games come from, to help both those who suffer from it, and the developers of drivers, so that in future revisions, they achieve greater stability in a software that they have improved and perfected a lot.


I'm going to get to the point: trying out with 3 of the last games that have come out, I've suffered crashes and black screens randomly, especially with NFS Heat, although it's also happened to me with Resident Evil 3 (it seems to be more stable with version 20.4.2) and with Doom Eternal.


After many tests and checks of my own PC I have seen that everything was correct and left over, so I focused my attention on the many options offered by the drivers and I realized that disabling most of the functions, especially those that have to do with different types of sync improvement, NFS Heat no longer hung , but I had to disable even Freesync. My monitor supports this technology and with other games no problem.

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