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Drivers that don't screw performance exist?

I've been with stuttering since forever.... in battlefield V and apex legends mostly, always with bad performance, with horrible gameplay, tried different drivers, always thought that was the games fault but recently someone recommend me to try the 19.7.5 and now is a lot better, but there's still problems, minor stuttering and bad textures

so i want to know if there's drivers that perform 100% good for my sapphire nitro rx480 4gb

like the old times with old gpu's... i didn't had this ridiculous problems

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Okay so I can tell you for a fact that Battlefield V depending on the resolution will use more than 4gb of GPU memory so make sure to dial back your settings accordingly. The game will also use around 12 gb system ram. So if you don't have 16gb and I have no idea as you gave no specs other than the game and GPU I can only speculate that both or either one of those conditions can cause stuttering.
Not sure why you would have bad textures but always possible you could have a card going bad. I do see occasional textures in the game myself where one tree for instance in the middle of many others looks like mine craft graphics instead of pretty like all the others. This does this on my AMD and Nvidia systems so I know that is a game engine thing.

Wagnardsoft_com, the folks that make DDU came out with a utility that does help some with stuttering that are right on the fence with low memory issues. You could download and try that utility and see if by chance it helps.

Intelligent standby list cleaner (ISLC) v1.0.2.0 Released - Wagnardsoft Forum 

Of course make sure to verify your game files too if you have not for corruptions. Also checking your disk for errors would be a good idea too.

There are literally about 3 years of drivers for your card so any of them may perform different from another. AMD does recommend using the current drivers with current versions of Windows. The older drivers may not be optimized well for Windows itself. So while an old driver may work better in a certain game, that may not be an across the board experience. That however is true of any driver of any age as well. Have myself never had a truly perfect GPU driver from any company. I myself have an RX 580 8gb and the system it is in has a Ryzen 5 3600 and 16GB DDR3 3200. It is very smooth with current drivers. Battlefield V runs great at 1080p ultra and I get between 60 and 90 FPS most the time. With only 4gb you might have to dial back to high or med settings.  I don't think the drivers should be an issue for you.

You can also get a little stutter with minor stability hangs from power ceiling issues. You might want to go into Wattman and raise the Power Limit Slider to it's maximum. With that card it will likely be 25, 30 or 50. Whatever it is just put it to the max a see how it plays.

Lastly a lot of stutters come from seemingly unrelated sources such as mouse drivers that are old. Updating those may help, I however could not get relief with an old Logitech mouse and went to a Razor Moused and the stutters stopped.

Others with dual monitors setups find they stutter and disabling DHCP helps.

If none of this helps come back with full system specs and we can try more ideas.

Good Luck!