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Adept I

Drivers Problems in Pes 2020

pes 2020 not launching with latest drivers , anyone have a fix ?

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Adept I

on rx 5700xt

can you post your complete Computer information?

Also exactly what error messages occurs when you try to launch PES 2020?

What does Device Manager show? Any errors?

Run GPU-Z and post an image to make sure your AMD driver is enabling all the correct API for your GPU card - OpenGL, OpenCL, etc at bottom of GPU-Z.

Are you using Steam to run your game or is it a stand alone game?  Are you having the same or similar problems with your other games?

Can you run DXDIAG and post attach the saved DXDIAG.txt to your next reply. That may be helpful to find out what programs or files you are having issues with.

Journeyman III

Having the same issue on rx 5700. Game is launched through steam, I have a i7 7700 16 GB ram. No mans sky also crash after 1 hour playing

Adept I

not the videocard its problem, with older drivers work perfect

Adept I

I have the same problem with pes 2020 and rx 5700 xt and new 20.7.2 driver. It doesn't launch since I updated the driver. With 20.4 it ran fine. When I start it the screen becomes white than it crashes to the desktop without any error message. 

Specs are r5 3600, 16 gb 3200 mhz corsair vengeance lpx, msi b450 gaming plus, 600w be quiet pure power 11, 1 tb intel 660p nvme ssd and reference 5700XT

Thought the driver issues are over now but I think I was wrong.

Adept I

Sadly no... What you can only do is, revert back to WHQL (Recommended) driver 20.4.2, and the game works fine.

Why, WHY do you have to roll back and do newer drivers not work. Is there any way someone can explain this to me?