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Journeyman III

Drivers / Popup window

I am experiencing an annoying popup window.

(Using a Radeon RX 580 with driver 27.20.14585.1000)

It states I cannot run this app.

Going to the Taskbar, I can right click to see it is generated from

Radeon Settings Command Line Interface

This happens randomly, mostly at bootup, but it is not caused by me trying to install new drivers,

as someone at Radeon Tech suggested.

(They also wanted a screen show of my Add/Remove Programs which made zero sense to me)

I can click that black box and get rid of it, but how can I stop it from happening completely?

I read elsewhere a suggestion was to remove Xbox game bar.  Tried removing Xbox game bar,

and found I am only allowed to turn its settings off, not able to uninstall it. 

Any assistance greatly appreciated.





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Always eager to upgrade!
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Journeyman III

Radeon/AMD has replied and is constantly asking the same questions that I have already answered.

Can someone please help?

Always eager to upgrade!

Are you sure it's not related to a Windows update? As in Windows is trying to update the Radeon drivers as part of it's regular updates?

Maybe you could check the Event Viewer and see if there is a Windows update at roughly the time you're seeing those errors. The Windows Setup log shows package installs with dates and times. For example, windows did a forced update last night while I was asleep (damned Windows 10!). In the setup log I can see several entries relating to two updates. It's also in the system log with a source of "WindowsUpdateClient".

Similarly the Application log shows attempted installs as well. Look for msiInstaller as the source. For example, I did a driver update today and I can see a couple dozen entries related to it.


;;;Are you sure it's not related to a Windows update?


Looking at where the arrow points in the photo attached, it is generated by Radeon Command Line.....

Happens at every boot/reboot. Daily, hourly, sometimes more irritatingly often.

Ran malware, virus scans, defragged, even did a thorough check to ensure every item on the pc was using very latest drivers.

No other issues other than this popup.

I have removed the driver and device, uninstalling all, rebooting to let Windows find the driver.

Soon as it is up to date again, the popup resurfaces.

Checked event log.  No unexplainable occurrences there.

As the taskbar popup states, it is from Radeon.

Radeon's email replies to me so far have been a maddening rabbit hole of repetitive questions in broken English

asking things like "Have you rebooted?" "Please to send screen shot of the event" and other things that convince

me they do not actually read/understand 

Yes, I can click away this problem, ut it keeps happening.

Which is why I turn to this forum 

Thanks to you sincerely for trying, but it's still here. 


Always eager to upgrade!

Fair enough. Your original post made it sound like it was random and mostly on boot up, not that it was happening so often.

The fact it's happening every boot up means it's likely a scheduled task though. Have you taken a look at task scheduler to see what is launching? If the drivers themselves are running fine you could probably turn off that scheduled task and your error will go away. Though you will obviously lose whatever feature was trying to run (I'm guessing auto-update checker).

Oh and what version of windows are you running (and is it 32 or 64 bit)?


64 bit Win 10

Task scheduler has only 1 task- a weekly drive optimization.


Always eager to upgrade!

That's weird, I have about 8 tasks related to AMD, roughly half video, half CPU. Sorry I'm out of ideas, hopefully AMD can give you some suggestions.