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Journeyman III

Drivers keep getting replaced

I've been having this issue ever since I installed the latest driver for my Radeon RX 580 GPU. The driver works perfectly fine at first, but within I believe 24 hours I get some "hardware changes" and the driver suddenly seems to not work anymore. I can't open the Adrenalin app anymore and all of my games run very poorly. I've tried many ways to disable any possible automatic updates that my system might be doing, but I've run out of options. Anyone here know a potential fix? Thanks in advance!

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Have you disable auto update in Adrenalin Software.  Settings / System / Download Drivers and Software / disable it.  You can also disable the Check for Updates if you want.  I leave that turned on and I've never had any problems with Adrenalin installing drivers automatically.  Tell Microsoft to stick it in their ear, never let them auto update.

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How to stop updates for drivers with Windows Update

Lots of people don't like the idea of 'stopping/delaying' Windows updates. I won't get in to that. Here is a way to prevent Windows Update installing any drivers. This does not effect the security, quality,  patch, or any other type update...they are presented as normal.

In don't have to worry about WU installing (changing) AMD graphics drivers.

This is done through group policy:

Type gpedit in the search bar...follow > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update



On the right side scroll to Do not include drivers with Windows Update policy and double click it. Select the ENABLED option.



Click 'Apply' then OK.

Reboot your computer.