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Journeyman III

Drivers disappearing and can't detect my gpu

So first of all my GPU has the latest AMD drivers installed, i launch a game and after 3-4 minutes of gaming my screen turn black while still hearing the sound of the game but can't do anything else. Monitor display "No signal detected.
So i connect my monitor to my mobo with the HDMI and i realise in device manager that my GPU has disappeared and when i try to open the AMD adrenaline software i am greeted by a window telling me Windows overwrited my drivers
From there i reinstall the correct drivers for my GPU (which is working the first time), see in device manager that my GPU is displayed and then reconnect my GPU to my monitor. But when i launch the game i'm back to the same issue.

After that i can't reinstall the drivers i get error 173 (AMD Software Installer has detected that the current system does not contain AMD Graphics hardware and terminated the installation.), i get this error even if i try to install the drivers manually.

I disabled windows auto updates and everything windows could do to update drivers. I used DDU to totally remove AMD drivers but with no avails. I can't detect my GPU at all which make the installation of any drivers

I don't know what to do now i feel i tried everything yet it doesn't work

CPU: i5-7500
Motherboard: Asus rog strix z370-h gaming
Ram: corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 2x8 gb
SSD/HDD: ssd (970 Evo Samsung) hdd (seagate barracuda 1tb)
GPU: radeon rx 580 8gb
PSU: atx eps 12V 2.4 80plus bronze
OS: w10

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