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Drivers crash PC

Windows started having an issue where it would freeze shortly after booting so I ended up reinstalling Windows altogether. Afterwards it seemed fine right up until I installed the driver for my graphics card, after which it began freezing again. I figured out that the CPU is spiking to 100% utilization at startup and never comes down and after about a minute it freezes entirely. There are no errors or warnings in the event viewer. It also fails to display any of the processes in the Task Manager processes tab (and is unable to load the "Details" tab at all). If I boot to safe mode and uninstall the driver everything is fine again. I've tried this with the latest driver, the 2nd most recent driver, and the professional driver and I get the same same behavior with all three. I did a BIOS update on my mobo, same behavior. I reinstalled Windows again this time completely reformatting the drive, same behavior again.

Self-Built PC


MSI Z87-G45 Rev 1.3 / 1.9

Intel i5-4430


Dual AMD Radeon HD 7770 (Drivers 20.8.3 / 20.4.2 / 20.Q3)

HDMI to Sony XBR55X950G (55" 4k LED TV @ 1920x1080)

Corsair RMI1000i (1000W)

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Adept II

i have this issue since last week, but i have not found any real solution. I did find temporary solution by installing amd bootcamp driver, at least it could boot to desktop instead of perpetual crash during startup.

I am sure that culprit could be the adrenaline software, but since i bought my card recently, i tried to call my seller and asked for RMA or something..

No idea if the the same advice applies to you since I have no idea what card you have. If it is Navi you might try doing DDU and regressing a driver or two back and see if that helps. Report your findings to AMD support:


mine is 5600 XT. always crashing on reboot, same as yours. But i agree with pokester, you might want to try the october 2019 driver. If it still does not work, then well might want to hit up customer service and see if they can look what's the issue. Oh and don't forget to file bug report via amd bug reporting tool, the engineers surely will read about your issue there i hope.


Yah they don't reply to the bug reports so you never have any idea if they see it or it goes in the proverbial circular file cabinet ie the trash. 


Since you are on an older card I can tell you that you are not really benefiting from using a 2020 driver. I have had serious issues with the 2020 drivers on 3 of my older cards myself. You might want to run DDU from safe mode from wagnardsoft dot com and return to the October driver from 2019. See if that fixes things. If it does it likely is a GPU driver issue. If the issue persists then it could be a Windows update that has caused issues. Either way report your findings back to AMD support so they know to look into the issue: 


Looks like AMD doesn't have any drivers available older than December 2019 (which I tried for the hell of it and gives me the same problem). Any thoughts on how to get my hands on the October 2019 driver?


guru3d dot com

maybe try the 19.11.1

Thanks for the tip about Guru3D, will come in very handy. I attempted installing 19.12.2, 19.11.1 and then 19.1.1 for the heck of it and they all had the same issue as the latest drivers along with an additional issue. With these 3 versions the screen goes black roughly halfway through install and never comes back. I let it sit in case it is still successfully installing and I can't see it. Then I do a hard reboot. After it boots back up I see "AMD Software" in Add/Remove Programs but the CPU is still maxing out and crashes shortly thereafter. No idea if the install was actually successful though.


Did you run DDU before installing those older drivers? If not you need to do that before regressing to older drivers.

I did have a 380x that had a similar issue of the the screen going black like yours during install and ultimately I gave up and pulled the card back in 2017. Put in a green team card and didn't try that old AMD card for about a year. 

Put it back in to a fresh install of Windows later and it worked again.

So before giving up on it you might try a fresh Windows install or even the card in another computer for testing. 

Or try the 19.12.1 drivers..very stable

Yes that would be still a 2019 interface. That would be a good one then  for the OP. I see it has better ratings on guru3d too. Thanks for pointing that out buddy. I had missed that first on in December still being the 2019 variant. 

Glad guru3d still hosts these. So many have issues on the older cards with the 2020 drivers. How AMD doesn't know this is beyond me, then they drop the older drivers from their previous driver.

You gotta wonder why they can't keep hosting the older drivers at AMD. Even on 500gb hard drive they could host all drivers in the past 5 years. 

I don't get why they have adopted this policy in the past couple years. They used to keep more of the old ones available. 

Volunteer Moderator

On the driver download page..scroll all the way to bottom and you see "Previous drivers"

I still use the 19.12.1 control panel version...but have used Device Manager/have disk to update the drivers only from the 20.4.2 driver version.

Thanks I know where the previous drivers are. My comment is that they don't keep as many of those previous drivers as they used to. Especially when so many have issues with the 2020 drivers it would be nice to have some earlier options without scouring the Internet. 

I get the hybrid of old and new approach with the old interface and new driver only part. 

Great option for those savvy enough to understand. 

Way over the head of a lot of users though. 

Good to have options, but bottom line is these GPU's that are still supported with current drivers should actually work with those said drivers as-is. 

Volunteer Moderator

My biggest issue is with the Adrenilin control panel. This is way to complicated for the average user...and you put the word 'OVERCLOCK' on anything and that asks for trouble. The control panel that comes with the 19.12.1 is more understandable...IMO.

Adept II

my rx 5600 not crashing at boot but crashing with live kernel event 141 after 1-3 hours of gameplay. This is last time i buyed amd grafic card.