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Journeyman III

drivers crash frequently


I recently purchased a Radeon R9 380 and am currently running driver 15.30.1025.1001-151204a-296 874C and Radeon 15.12 Crimson. I use Windows 10, up to date.

I purchased the card to try and get Batman Arkham Knight to play and while the game is mostly better, the drivers for the card itself seem to crash frequently. My main monitor crashes to black, the secondary to green, then both black. Sometimes the picture comes back along with the Windows error message 'Display drivers have crashed and recovered' (of course not verbatim). Other times, it crashes and does not recover and my system does not respond even to a power button request to shut down.

Windows 10 64bit

Intel i5-4670K@3.4Ghz

OCZ Vertex 3 240Gb SSD

8 Gb G Skill Ripjaw DDR3

I forget the mobo exactly and can't lookup order. Asus something or other.

American Megatrends Inc. BIOS

I'm curious if I should start and RMA or try other steps first?

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Journeyman III

Re: drivers crash frequently

I have a very similar problem since updating to 15.30 on Radeon 15.11

Windows 10 64 bit

AMD 8350

R9 280X Sapphire

Games keep hanging saying the graphics driver has hung. this problem started when i updated the drivers to play the new Tom Clancy game, i can open the game up and go through all the menus but if i start to play the situations or multiplayer then the game hangs after 5 minuets. and since up dating the dirvers all other games have stopped working to weather their steam, origin, u play or something else it doesn't matter.

Adept II

Re: drivers crash frequently

Yes similar problem with a few games myself:

15.12 Crimson

R9 285 Sapphire

I had the occasional black screen / adapter reset crash too - it's random - it happens after 5 minutes or 1 hour or more.

if the adapter doesn't recover you're left starting at a black screen until a hard reset is done.

I think it might be a power saving issue.

Ultimately I decided to drop back to Windows 8.1 with the 15.12 Crimson drivers - not had any trouble since.

Journeyman III

Re: drivers crash frequently

I'm glad that mwnn was able to find a solution but is there a recommendation that doesn't involve me rolling back my os?