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Drivers causing poor download speeds

GPU: R9 290

Machine: Desktop

OS: Windows 7 -> 10

Drivers: 16.2.1,17.2.1,17.7.2,18.8.1

Typically my downloads are in the 40 Mbps area, recently I have been receiving less than 10 Mbps.  After several days of trying everything from extensive virus scans, to wiping the hard drive and upgrading to Win 10, and even thoroughly cleaning my computer's components I couldn't figure out what was wrong.  Until I tried disabling my AMD drivers.  When the drivers are disabled I get my typical download speeds, when they are enabled the speeds are cut down again.  I have tried rollingback as far as 16.2 but they are all cutting my speed.  Any ideas?

UPDATE:  I performed a clean install of 18.8.1 with just the display drivers (not the extra hdmi audio and AMD settings) and I now have about 20 Mbps down.  Still half what I should have, but a step in the right direction.

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It is an odd problem. I can't see how the AMD Graphics drivers will slow down your computer downloading  speed. Normally your downloading speed is determined by your Network Driver plus the type of Internet connection you have.

How many people in your household is using the same Internet Router/Modem as you?  What type of Internet Connection do you have (WiFi, LAN, Ethernet, or Cable)? Is your Desktop Network Driver the latest?


Trust me it was the last thing I expected as well.

To answer your questions, 4, WiFi, yes.  It's not a problem with the router or a lack of bandwidth due to other machines.  Other machines in the house get the roughly 40 down, and this one does as well provided the AMD Display Drivers are disabled.