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Adept I

Drivers Causing Damage/Crashing/freezing Adrenaline RX 560X

Right there seems to be no real answer to this, but i have noticed by looking through the forums that multiple people with different graphics cards are having the same issue and have done for a long time.

After adrenaline was released I started getting complete system freezes or BSOD, I have been able to recreate this issue over and over for the past 2 years, the only fix i've been able to find is finding old drivers that are not available on the main driver download page.

For months I was fine, I reverted back to Crimson Relive drivers for my Vega 8 and Rx 560X and it seemed to fix the issue, but i kept getting issues because my drivers were out of date, so i was kinda forced to update, then adrenaline being installed i got freeze after freeze, BSOD after BSOD, with some updates my computer / laptop would end up in a loop of constantly starting up going into BSOD, trying to repair, being unable to, restarting and doing the whole thing over and over again.

Thankfully after many wipes and many driver tests i found that 1 version of crimson worked and 1 version of adrenaline worked, but since updating to my current version which i have been unable to change for a year or more, 20.2.2, im dealing with issues and bugs that i simply cant fix.

I've updated bios, ive done stress tests on my RX and my Vega 8, check for errors and damage, nothing to be found, but when i change drivers beyond or below 20.2.2, the freezing starts, and it seems to be tied into my Vega 8 not my RX.

It's driving me insane not being able to assign my main GPU to games like minecraft, it works in higher versions of Adrenaline BUT the freezing comes back and its very often, and once its frozen im forced to restart as it just doesnt move for hours which was my experience yet again today.

Now i thought this was just my GPU, my issue, but looking around there are absolutely tons of people having the exact same issue, "with different GPUs" but the same thing keeps popping up, "Adrenaline". from what me and a few others have looked into, it seems one or more of the Adrenaline updates are either damaging cards or are incompatible with the cards they are for.

AMD from what i have seen have no support, no guides, no fixes for this issue, its been over a year and people are still facing this problem, and unable to render or play games or stream because of it, the very purpose they bought the computer for.

HAS anyone found a true fix for this problem? WILL AMD DO A **bleep** THING TO HELP US.
Because almost everyone having this issue has no answer and has moved or is moving over to NVIDIA permanently, myself included if this isnt resolved.

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Journeyman III

Same problem (started with hd7970, rx480 and now with rx5600xt and rx6700xt). Driver crashes/bsods in games but never in stress tests. After pc restart or driver recovery there is no crashes in 90% situations before next day. There is also more driver crashes with last versions of drivers.

But thanks to YOU i found this temporary solution - no more driver crashes with 20.2.2.. So its 100% not hardware problem.

Realy hope AMD finaly fix their drivers...

Adept I

same im facing this on my rx 480 for months and only rolling back to 19.1 saved my ass! AMD we are ditching your GPU next time! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Adept I

Guys ive found that 20.2.2 works, but things like switchable graphics for games like minecraft dont work, 19.12.1 has the old interface and works 100% no bugs i recommend switching to that, no crashes or freezing.

Journeyman III

Hello. Yes, the problem of critical hang-up is not solved, it is not known whether it will be... personally, I use the package 20.10.1, but they also say that 20.11.1 works stably. Try.