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Journeyman III

Drivers Can't Install

So I built my PC a week and a half ago and half a week after I built it , it started having all the peripherals turn off randomly and I would have to unplug the pc to get it back.  I messed with it and got it so that when it turns off to come back on now but that is it. My friend suggested that I get drivers so I got nvidia and AMD drivers, but I apparently had not installed the AMD drivers all the way.

Today, I extracted the files, launched the application, and installed the four drivers it said, and got to the restart button. However, everytime I restart using the button, it acts like I have done anything past extract the files when my pc has restarted back up, so I redo the process. I have done this loop 5 times now and don't know what to do. I found some people say to uninstall the previous drivers but that doesn't help me since I have no chipset drivers in the first place.

My motherboard is the MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus.

Please Help.

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