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Journeyman III

Drivers 23.2.1 and 23.2.2 causes system hang/crash/BSOD after using a OpenGL application.

After I upgraded to 23.2.1 or 23.2.2, during the execution of a OpenGL workload, such as using Furmark/Affinity suite and Minecraft java, the system hangs.

peripheric don't work, un-plug and plug back it change nothing, their LEDs do not turn on.

23.1.1 just work perfectly without any of these problems. 

I already tried to DDU and disable MPO.

What can I do to fix the issue?

My system: 

MBA 7900 XT

Ryzen 7600x

Motherboard B650E-F (last bios update already installed)


monitor benQ ex2710r


Dump files folder:

Thank you for your help. 

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I see your monitor has Freesync and a refresh rate above 144Hz. Freesync is currently broken since 23.1.2 with high refresh rate monitors on the 7000-series GPUs. I have the same issue with my setup (7900XTX). You can either disable Freesync directly in your monitor (not just in Adrenalin) or set a lower refresh rate. 144Hz seems to work fine with Freesync.


Are you sure of that information? can you give me more tests about that please?

i'm about to send back my 6950xt because of problems i have on my 240Hz screen flashing in white since the latests updates and all proofs are good for the process


Here's a thread with a collection of Freesync/BSOD/Crash issues, for the 7000-series at least.

[DPC_Watchdog_Violation][amdkmdag.sys][RX 7900 XTX... - AMD Community

Unfortunately I don't know about the 6000-series but you can always try the workarounds mentioned. Hope it helps.


Thanks for the share, for my problem it won't work but at least it's here in case of