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Journeyman III

Driver Version 22.11.1 WoWS issues

I upgraded to 22.11.1 for my 6800XT. When I load up World of Warships and launch into a game it is constantly stuttering. It is very unstable, although my frame rate is still good. I loaded into a training battle and it ran relatively smooth. This has happened before. I went back to the last version that worked correctly. When Warzone 2.0 came out I updated back up to the latest version. The stuttering came back and continued. I have even gone done in my quality settings.

Has anyone else had this issue with this version? Have any suggestions for fixes. I can always go back to an earlier version. I just don't want Warzone 2 to have issues. The release notes says that it fixed the targeting lines in WoWS but they are still missing as well, but that is not an issue for me.

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I have a AIB 6900 XT and it does not stutter, however, earlier drivers did make it stutter. One thing to try is enabling the fps limiter which worked for me in previous driver versions.

Right now I'm running without it enabled and its all buttery smooth with a 5950x at 4.5ghz pushing it and 32gb of 3600mhz ram. If you are using the modstation enhancements you might try removing or updating them to make sure that nothing has corrupted.

Journeyman III

Having similar issues. Was fine with 22.5, did a clean install after using DDU and updated the motherboard drivers. Now I’ve got buggy issues on RocketLeague, and shading problems with Zwift.