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Adept I

Driver Ver 18.4.1 is broken

Are you guys kidding me!!! so i am going though all this BS with Freezing after installing Driver Ver 18.4.1 not even knowing if it is braking my video card and i have not being able to use my PC for 3 days!!!
so i  reinstalled the OS and reinstalled the video Drivers! and i get this!!!@!!!!! so not when ever my PC boots i get this ERROR!!!

and i am still getting lockups! every 5 sec..


RX480 4GB

i7 7700k

Windows 10 x64 Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134

16gb of ram

MSI Z270 Gaming Pro

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added the info...


Over the past 5 months you seem to have had similar issues with:

2x480's ReLive wont enable

RX560 RX 560 Device Code 43 Dell Precision T3400

You've had plenty of responses here..obviously nothing helped you as you keep creating new posts. Hopefully you understand this is a user to user forum and those that have responded are users trying to help. Submit a inquiry to AMD Email Form and see if they have any advice and if that doesn't work out, take your computer to a expert and pay them to fix it for you.

RX560 RX 560 Device Code 43 Dell Precision T3400 has nothing to do with whats going on right now..

2x480's ReLive wont enable was fixed....

What is your point?

and i have Emailed them 3 times and no response...

but i'll go out on a limb and say AMD can go and maybe FIX there s*** and this is unacceptable.. no way in hell do i need to fined workarounds and fixes on some thing that should just work ill expect this when i am messing with a $10,000 server but when i slap a video card in and install the drivers there should be no Error for the last 3 driver Vers after installed..


See if this Windows 10 website link helps your problem. It shows how to fix the VCRUNTIME140.DLL Error:


Its not the damn driver broken must be the way they are applied or installed. Got a build running fresh on an older Intel i5 build with a 2nd hand R9 270 with 1803 & 18.4.1 drivers no issues what so ever with 32ich tv as a monitor running solid 2weeks+ on these drivers, running U tube without hang & gaming & apps no issues to who ever say these drivers are broken. Tip 1 download onto a usb direct from AMD official site in English, tip2 run DDU with a CC cleaner behind it, Tip 3 chech your hardware & cables migh be a failing cables check everything. So before you harrase the AMD team as bugged drivers its not as I go a couple others using same drivers no issues with newest 10 updates. I am getting agro with idiots blaming drivers for human install error which half of it comes from human input not bugged drivers which they get the blame for.


I am having this problem and so is a number of people..
this Started right after installing  Driver 18.4.1 so i rolled it back to 18.2.1 started working good.. got a new windows update that auto reinstalled 18.4.1 so i reformatted the PC
Installed windows 10 from a fresh USB install then installed 18.4.1 after it was done got the SAME Dill error i get every time. I know the FIX the Dill error but why every time i do a fresh install i get that DILL ERROR?.. Then started locking up hard like last time! rolled back to 18.2.1 started working fine..
i put my 2 RX-480's in my wife's and my sons computer and i am getting the same deal..

and to add your running a R9 270  the people that are having trouble are running RX4xx and RX5xx

"update from an Email from AMD"  they ignored the trouble with locking up but only sent me a fix for the Missing Dill that i told them i know how to fix just that it is unexceptionable that i get this error every time i do a fresh install...

So to be they don't give a dam about the locking up...



I also, have issues with 18.4.1, I get "Radeon Settings and Driver Version Do Not Match".  Now, as of yesterday, on a fresh usb install of the latest windows version full install...

It's something in amd's driver package..

I can run the blockchain drivers and they run 24/7 rock solid.. I can run 18.2.2 and it runs fine and functions properly, just doesnt perform well for mining..  Funny thing is I can load the 18.4.1 drivers with the 18.2.2 Radeon Settings, guess what, it runs but the driver or radeon settings crashes after a while of operation.. This tells me its either the Drivers or Radeon Settings, or some value isnt getting updated in the registry properly.

I'm on an amd rig, an older a10-7850k, running box stock settings..