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Journeyman III

Driver Update 23.5.2 Black screened my monitor and nothing has been able to fix it

Got home after the long weekend away and went to my computer, did some banking and everything was working fine. figured I'd play some games but ill check to see if I have any driver updates were available. 23.5.2 was ready for download/install, cool. do my thing install it restart computer and now my main monitor will not pick anything up. I tried rolling back to the previous driver nothing. I've tried uninstalling the driver completely and reinstalling, I've deleted adrenaline and uninstalled the drivers fresh nothing. I feel like I've tried everything short of doing a fresh windows install which I do not want to do. This is my first AMD card in years i though the bad drivers were a thing of the past

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well, after long weekend  you should just play the game and not update AMD thing that make your day bad.

I think because when you update manually, windows update also installing the driver so it crash.


People said only way is reformat (or DDU if you still can still do it). Install fresh and make sure Windows Update not auto updating/installing (do not know why Microsift insist to update AMD drive by itself) when you too installing new driver.

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