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Journeyman III

driver timout

I have a 6900xt red devil. Every time I try and play a game with it it freezes and crashes and the message pops up stating that the gpu driver has become unresponsive. how to fix???

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Adept I

There are some reports that lowering the clock speed may help. I would start with smaller drops until the card becomes stable. For example, if your card is running at 2350Mhz (just an example number), try dropping it down to 2300mhz and play some games to see if it works. If not, drop it even further, and so on.

Driver timeouts, as I have been discovering as well, are a big problem with AMD. I'm fairly positive "driver timeout" is just a blanket term for many problems. There are forum threads for days on this issue but lowering the clock speed for GPU stability is really one of the only fixes that seem to work consistently. 



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