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Journeyman III

Driver support for R series GPU

I understand that support for PC components can't last forever but what I find to be very tone dear if not ignorant of AMD is that these are rather exceptional times where multiple crisis are taking place including trying to limit wastefulness to save the planet. There is a shortage of GPUs thanks to production issues and the demand for them by bitcoin farms. People are still also very much caught up in the pandemic. I have an autoimmune disease which means I'm more at risk of a serious reaction to COVID and haven't been able to find work. How am I supposed to afford a new GPU that I can't even buy because they aren't available anyhow? I love AMD products and have always favoured them over the competition but this has seriously annoyed me. It would be really nice if you might possibly reconsider for the benefit of people like me struggling to get by.  

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I wouldn't hold your breath about AMD supporting a legacy GPU again.

Your R series GPU should be good for several more years unless you are trying to play the latest games or Apps that requires the latest AMD driver.

But for just browsing and looking at videos your GPU legacy card should be good for many years.

Or you could use modified drivers, thread on guru3d.


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