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Journeyman III

Driver signature error code 52


I'm not able to play some games on my pc. I reinstalled Windows. I have installed the Radeon automatic driver updater. I have reinstalled all games and every time I start for example Deep rock galactic I got the error code 52 so I went on the internet and tried the main three fixes I could find

1. Install the correct driver for your device which I already did after reinstalling Windows and the Radeon software did it automatically for me

2.  Delete both the Upperfilters and LowerFilters Registry values which don't even exist in my folder so couldn't delete them 

3. Enable the 'Disable driver signature enforcement feature which I did and after that, I was able to play Deep Rock Galactic but wasn't able to play Dead By Daylight anymore because the anticheat needs to have a signature for the driver in order for the game to run

So my question is how can I enable the driver signature enforcement feature again and and after that I'll probably get error code 52 again for the signature and how can I fix that?

Please help I've tried so many things and have looked for a solution for so many hours 

My driver is: AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 Series