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Journeyman III

Driver Only

i just updated to 19.12.3 and it didn't ask me what i want to install so i went and downloaded the standalone installer which also didn't have the option to install the driver only, without the "amd radeon software"/control panel.. 

how do i install the driver only and skip the bloat with the new installer? the only "optional" settings it has is the path and clean install, nothing else..

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Clean uninstall, then use device manager to manually point to c:\AMD to install the driver for your hardware.

Thank you black_zion. The awful bloatware is now gone from my system!

I'm not going to buy another AMD product that needs any kind of drivers in the future.

Adept I

AMD is now forcing their bloatware onto everyone who wants to use their driver update software. You wanted a driver update program with minor performance tweaks? Well now you have a web browsing, game launching, system monitoring, game overlay forcing "app" and if you don't like it, AMD will do absolutely nothing about it. They'll just pretend people aren't upset about it. I assume it's more that the data they harvest from forcing the bloat onto everyone is more valuable than the customers they'll lose who have standards. 

Anyway, you have to manually install the drivers through the device manager if you want to escape the bloat. Good luck! 

Journeyman III

thanks guys! yeah, installing using the device manager worked fine. 

Journeyman III

Now in 2020, use 7zip, do a clean uninstall of all radeon stuff (will leave amd chipset drivers)

once new driver package downloaded, extract to a folder on your desktop, then using device manager replace standard windows driver and point to drivers folder in your extracted folder, hey presto driver only, reboot and you are good to go.