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Adept II

Driver keeps reseting colors on some specific games

So i have amd software 22.4.1 on Win 10 Pro 64 bit 21H2 updated

Using AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor and a AMD Radeon RX 6700 12 GB with rog strix B-550 and AOC freesync screen.

Well problem is that i can go into a game like "F1 2021" in the amd driver and then i want to set Customized colors and temperature and then close it and when i open the game and tab out to drive again on game settings the customized settings are deactivated so then while game is running i can change the colors and that affects the game as it should but do i close driver window go back in the game it reset asap ..

Wired is that that with colors not happening on all games but only a few.

I mean your driver most safe a .reg , .txt , .cfg or something where the driver has the info about settings i have chosen ??? Where is that file located? i want to inspect and see if there maybe problem with folder or file is hidden and maybe write protected 


And yes i could try to uninstall and install but that is for me annoying for a simple config not saved automatic when i change stuff when i cant press in specific game settings tab the settings for it before leaving it ..

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Adept II

Wired is that when u change the game gfx settings manual it wont save it but keeps using settings from graphicprolies so to have settings as i want in that game i need to go out to main graphic settings and select custom and change it and then go back to specifc game settings and use custom profile but that option is not able to use with colors on screen in the games main screen settings are like i want it in the game but that not applies to game settings so as i see AMD has to make color settings as profile for it to work since driver cant save all i do each change by it self!