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Journeyman III

Driver issues windows 1903

I have a lenovo c40-05 all in one with A8-6410 with Radeon™ R5 Graphics, if I install the latest driver installs M230 with the older A230.

This is the issue, since windows 1803 I could not install a driver later than 17.4.4, any new driver causes flickering, for example with 19.4.1 black screen (I think that the second module is the cause, if you disable it using device management, no problem, but gpu works like the generic windows driver). with the windows 1903 the issue is worst, the 17.4.4 driver causes black screen with a cursor, then i have to force shutdown.

I tested some older drivers, the only that can work on 1903 is the CZ-LBeema Kabini version.

What's happening with amd and windows 10?, with each latest upgrade, the gpu is less compatible

What's happening with amd developers?, I tested using laptop driver, desktop and exact name driver select screen, the result is the same driver.

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