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Driver issues for sapphire 6600xt in win 11


I made a thread a little while back and I was wondering if anybody else is having issues installing drivers without issues after? Right now I am on 23.2.1. I tried going to the latest only to have the hard locking issue return almost immediately after upgrade. Then I went back to 23.2.1. I tried everything AMD told me to do. I even reinstalled win 11 and still never fixed the issue. I don't understand why updating drivers breaks my system. I really think this is a windows 11 issue. I also don't want to have to go back to windows 10 but in the end, I might have to.  I would like to get at least another 2 years out of this card as I just purchased it a year ago.

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It's a win 11 issue, I feel your pain rolling back sucks but in the end it is probably the best choice, who knows what MS will break next, 11 is still in beta after all.


Ok that is what I figured so I will have to stay on 23.2.1 for now. Ya I have no choice but to use this driver because using any others makes my system hard lock and crash. I did everything from AMD cleanup utility to DDU and nothing worked. This driver just happens to be the one that is working. I wonder why win 11 cant fix this? I see lots of people complaining about amd driver issues. I really hope they fix it so soon because it's driving me crazy. 


mine is MSI 6600xt Windows 11, I use 22.3.1 driver and all is ok.


Try use DDU, after that you must go to Windows Update and you will see Windows Update trying to download AMD driver (which you should cancel). You can go to advanced setting and disable "receive update from other microsoft product". Reboot your PC and check that Windows Update not download AMD driver anymore (and mak sure Windows not updating anything). When you are sure no windows updating on progress, then install the driver, it should works.

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