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Journeyman III

Driver internal shader cache corrupted

Observed this issue on two customer systems so far.

We have a simple Win32 OpenGL application, which crashed due to unrelated reasons close to shader compilation via OpenGL API.

On both customer systems, we faced afterwards a driver internal corruption when attempting to link the shader again. Output from `glGetProgramInfoLog`:

Fragment shader(s) failed to link.
Fragment link error: HW_UNSUPPORTED.
ERROR: Internal compile error, error code: E_SC_LITERAL_NOT_DEFINED
Shader not supported by HWWARNING: warning(#276) Symbol "color" usage doesn't match between two stages

In both cases a recovery was only possible by re-installing the driver package, thereby removing the cache. In both cases, the same shader could be linked without warnings afterwards.

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It would be best to report this issue direct to AMD using this form: 

You can just copy/paste your issue

Beside what Kingfish mentioned you might also want to post your question at AMD OpenGL & Vulkan Forum: