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Adept I

Driver Freezing Main Laptop Display While Using MS Edge

I have a Asus Strix G15 Advantage Edition laptop.

I connected external monitor, LG 24M47VQ a simple 1080 monitor, via HDMI cable.

Everytime I open MS Edge, the laptop display becomes unresponsive and frozen. When I move the mouse over to LG display I can see mouse moving, use MS Edge normally, video playing continues, ect and works as normal. As soon as I try to move the mouse cursor to laptop display, it'll be frozen and does not move.

If I minimize MS Edge, the laptop display will work again normally while MS Edge is doing whatever it was doing previously like streaming music or video. But as soon as MS Edge is displayed again, either in windowed or maximized, laptop display will freeze again.

Currently I installed Adrenaline 22.1.2 as that's the last version I can use without any problems. Any version after that, including latest version 22.3.1, laptop display will freeze as soon as MS Edge is open.

I've tried various settings in Radeon software and still can't figure out. I've been using DDU GPU Graphics Driver Uninstallers so I can clean install different versions of drivers.

What could be causing laptop display to freeze as soon as MS Edge is opened in the AMD GPU driver?

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Journeyman III

I also have an ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 SE GX551QS and have the same problem with versions 22.2.2, 22.2.3 and 22.3.1. For example, opening the Edge browser or OBS will cause the screen to freeze, or the secondary screen will flicker wildly.

Journeyman III

I'm also using an Asus ROG Strix Advantage Edition and have the same issue for the last week.

I've tried new Radeon drivers and even new Chipset drivers and no difference.

The only workaround I have is in Edge, go to Settings > System and Performance > turn off Use Hardware Acceleration When Available.

Not ideal but it seems to be working fine for me now.



Turning off Hardware Acceleration did not help me.

Turn on efficiency mode when to "ALWAYS" kinda worked for me. I've kept Hardware Acceleration to ON for now.

I have to fiddle with going back and forth between the display while minimizing and maximizing MS Edge window but I'm currently running Adrenaline 22.3.1, latest AMD software and driver, and it's working okay.

As long as I don't mess with MS Edge too much on the 2nd screen, I can keep working on the main laptop display.

Thanks for giving me ideas.


Darn, you're right. After a while the issue persists. 

I've had to stick with 22.2.1. That seems to work without issue. Anything newer drivers will have the laptop screen randomly freeze when moving the mouse between screens.

It's very disappointing from AMD, they really need to sort it out.

Adept I

So even with optional Adrenaline 22.3.2 update, I still get freeze on main laptop display when using  2nd monitor on HDMI.

Seems that it doesn't matter what's the 2nd monitor is being used for. Even a simple file explorer will make main laptop display freeze if ANYTHING is displayed over HDMI.

I should try the USB-C to HDMI adapter and see if that will also cause main laptop freeze.