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Journeyman III

Driver dowload fails

I can't update to 19.9.2 or 19.9.3. It fails in Radeon settings with error 1603. The website download fails just before completing, or windows wont run it.

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Volunteer Moderator


Use Chrome web browser and download the latest driver from this website.

Not sure why someone would find your information not helpful?

Updating from Radeon Settings for whatever reason is problematic at times. For me so much so I don't even bother doing it that way. It is best to just go to the Driver Download page at AMD and download the full standalone driver. The link was already nicely referenced above.

If that gives you an problem then choose clean install.

If that doesn't work then download DDU from wagnardsoft_com and follow the included instructions and that should do the trick.

Volunteer Moderator

Without knowing what the computer/laptop specs are....this is all a guessing game.

Laptop or desktop?

What CPU/APU do you have?

What OS?

What graphics does your desktop/laptop have? 

Journeyman III

Same problem here on a new AMD Ryzen 5 3600 system running on B450M PRO-VDH PLUS motherboard with R7 200 graphics card. However, for me, Adrenalin updates, just get this error message: 


The page you're taken to is a little vague: 

Doubt it's corrupt registry keys and/or system files as this is a pretty clean/new system

Corrupted VC++ redistributable files - my suspicion is this and some problems with latest Windows 10/Ryzen 3 etc

Windows 10 fully up to date

Graphics drivers and software conflicts: who knows!

False positives reported and blocked by antivirus software: disable Defender and no difference

However, I'm an old hand at this and I've got Macrium Reflect images going back to the basic Windows 10 install so can do some tests. What I do know is that if one goes back to basic install of W10 Pro 1903, AMD Chipset driver v1.8.19.0915 and then install Adrenalin latest, it installs fine. It's something post this basic install that causes the upgrade to error. 

The reason I suspect VC++ is that VMware Workstation also complained about needed to update VC++