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Adept II

Driver crashing when trying to run games made mostly in Unity | 20.9.1 (WHQL)

Hi , whenever i try to run Genshin Impact or Honkai 3rd impact there is like 10% chance that i will get mosaic screen which leads to system crash( And error is: Display driver amdkmdag stopped responding and has successfully recovered.) , but if it passes then in  game don't have any problems can game for hours, this type or error started with 1st Adrenalin and its still not fixed .Steps i do if it happens , select game screen ASAP then spam ALT+F4 if i make to close it then system wont crash but windows GUI is messed up so i need to restart anyway, also i noticed if i run some unity game in browser 1st then try to run Genshin or Honkai seems that it helps a bit

Side note : cant install 21.6.1 (WHQL) cos installer is not detecting my GUP its RX 470 , there for i cant upgrade higher then my current 20.9.1 (WHQL) , also im using only WHQL cos with those drivers i never got random blue screen ever

My PC : Windows 10 64bit ,Phenom II x6 1090t ,6gb ram, Rx 470

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