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Journeyman III

Driver Crashes with my AsRock RX6900XT but I dont think the GPU is at fault

Hi there,

recently I've built myself new system. Here are the components:

  • i5 12600k

  • 32gb DDR4 Patriot Viper 4 rated for 3200MT/s but currently running at 2400MT/s because the system won't boot with XMP activated

  • Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X

  • ASRock Radeon RX 6900 XT Phantom Gaming

  • BeQuiet! Pure Power 11 FM 850W


My Problem: Random driver crashes, Windows states Error Code 4101 "amdwddmg" in the event protocol. Black screen for some seconds or some minutes, the system normally recovers if i wait long enough.

What I really dont get: The System doesn't really crash when the GPU is under heavy load, like playing games with 100% GPU utilization. Moreoften, the system crashes when I'm multitasking. Like having a Zoom call running in the background and then browsing in chrome or even when i just watch YouTube and do some work in office. Yesterday it crashed when I was playing Forza Horizon 5, trying to watch a twitch livestream at the same time and sitting in a discord call. The system crashed in the moment I hid "alt+tab" for switching windows.

I'm using 2 Displays, 1: 3440*2560 and 2: 1920*1080. Both connected via DisplayPort.

Is it possible that the GPU isnt really at fault here but e.g. the RAM is, also because the System won't even boot with it being overclocked? The powersupply should perfectly be able to power the gpu, as it can supply about 40Amps on one rail.


Would appreciate every tip. Thanks!

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