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Journeyman III

Driver A6-9400 with Radeon R5 graphics


I can not find the driver on the site.

I have PC (not laptop) with CPU A6-9400 with Radeon R5 graphics.

OS Windows 10 x64.

On the site I go to the menu "drivers & support" - "Processors with graphics" - "AMD A-series processors" - "AMD A6-series APU for Desktops".

There is a choice between "AMD A6-7470K" and "7th Gen A6-9500E APU". I do not see my processor model.

Which driver should I choose?

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Driver A6-9400 with Radeon R5 graphics

DId you buy this PC as a complete computer or did you build it?

If you build it, check the motherboard's Support site and see if they have Graphics drivers for your APU.

IF it is a PC you purchased, then check the Support site of the manufacturer of the PC for Graphics drivers for your APU.

You can use a small free program called SPECCY to see what Make & Model Motherboard you have. Then go to the Motherboard's Support driver download page and see if it has any graphics drivers for your APU.

If it is a custom OEM Motherboard then you need to go to the PC Manufacturer Support site for driver downloads.

Try installing the A6-9500 WHQL Driver which seems to indicate it is compatible with A Processors with R5 graphics from here: 

Journeyman III

Re: Driver A6-9400 with Radeon R5 graphics

I bought PC as a complete computer.

It turned out that the driver installer 20.1.3 is broken. It constantly displays error 186.

I downloaded the Auto-Detect and Install tool. I chose to install a new beta driver 20.2.2. It installed without errors.

Thank you for your help!