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Adept I

Driver 23.12.1 Causing Frequent Crashes in The Finals

This recent driver, 23.12.1, was released with optimizations for the release of The Finals-- which shadow-dropped at TGA last night. I've had many troubles with this driver, but I'll stick with this one for now.

Whenever attempting to join an online match with this newest driver, I suffered one of three crashes 95% of the time:

1. The game crashes and stops running, and displays an Unreal crash report.

2. The game freezes, the embark "dump request upon crash" popup occurs, and my screen runs at 1fps until I close the popup.

3. The entire computer freezes, requiring me to hard reset my computer with the tower's power button. Sometimes my PC, after shutting it down or restarting it, would go unresponsive and would be running but not booting at all. This requires a HARD shutdown with the PSU switch.

I've uninstalled the recent driver with DDU, multiple times, and a reinstallation of this recent driver always causes the same issue. I've also gone ahead and reinstalled The Finals with no help there either. I rolled back to the previous driver, and this fixed all my problems.

Add it to the list of issues with this driver.


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Journeyman III

The AMD Update: 23.12.1 has been making my FPS drop on every game I play in. Recently The Finals has got a bad drop of FPS dew to the AMD update, it was so bad I had to revert back to Update: 23.11.1 to play and just be able to look at YouTube videos with out my screen lagging.

Adept I

This is still occurring on the current driver 24.1.1 as well. Running a 5800x3d with a 6900xt. In addition to the crashes none of the features in AMD Adrenaline work, this includes AMD Chill and Anti-Lag(not referring to Anti-Lag+).