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Adept I

Driver 22.9.1 Stuttering in Video Playback

Driver 22.9.1 causes me to be unable to watch Prime Video or Netflix as it stutters horribly and is unwatchable. It doesn't do this with YouTube even if in fullscreen, and also does not do the stuttering when hovering over a thumbnail of a show on Netflix but only until I press play.

I remember trying 22.8.1 for about all of 30 seconds until I had this same issue except it would do it even with the Steam store front page game preview swiping from one game to the next, or the Blizz app playing a thumbnail on the launcher screen. It would stutter and then completely lock up for about 1-2 minutes until it could process the panel change. 

I have a RX6800XT paired with a Ryzen 7 5800X CPU

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Adept I

Go into bios > check for secure boot > disable the setting in bios that is described as deleting the key. 


 The setting is used only when installing a brand new CPU for some reason my asus strix b550f had it on by default. 

 If not using windows 11 disable everything related to secure boot in bios. 


 I just fixed my own stuttering issue so good luck. 


that is a different issue that has been addressed with the latest bios release, a few months ago. don't disable secure boot


the issue is caused by completely toggling vsync off via drivers (you should set it to "off, unless otherwise specified") and/or hardware acceleration.

i had the same issues with drivers version 22.7.x and 22.8.x... but 22.9.1 seems to have it fixed, even if both issues are described in the "known issues".

Is this in the BIOS?


Never mind. Just going to go back to 22.5.1 and not deal with this crap. Was browsing through regedit and it completely seized everything except my cursor. 

I have been impressed with AMD overall in terms of performance, but man their driver updates are horrid


The only nice thing that I can say about 22.9.1 is that my 2nd monitor seems to have stopped the blinking behavior so I can have a video playing on it while gaming on my primary monitor. 

Both of them are LG 144hz ultrawides that are dubbed 4k because of their resolutions.  Now if they could only fix the grey layover issue that I have in world of warships.....

Community Manager

Thanks for the posts folks. 

As mentioned, this is a known issue and something we are aware of. 

More information and a workaround can be found in the release notes

I'll update the thread once I have more information to share. 


Do you have any information when will it fix?

Journeyman III

The stuttering issues began for me when i installed 22.9.1 . I've a RX6900XT and 5800X.  I see there was a quick release of 22.10.1 shortly after the former. I tried to move up to that, but still issues playing any size video in chrome (youtube/twitch mostly). I would have suspected something else on my PC, but when adrenalin crashes and says it has a problem with the video player, and when adrenalin restarts, the problem is gone. however I reboot and the issue returns.  just wanted to drop this note because i didnt want support to think the problem solved with 22.10.1


you gotta learn to read - and comprehend - the release notes... : F