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Driver 18.Q3 causes flashing display Samsung Odyssey MR Headset

I like the fan speed control options that are new to Driver 18.Q3 for my AMD Vega FE GPUs (I have 4 on a x399 motherboard with a Threadripper 1950x cpu), but it causes my Samsung Odyssey MR headset to flash on and off about every second. I tried the older Adrenaline drivers 18.7.1 and that fixed the problem with the flashing display.

I also noticed that in driver 18.Q3 that my computer detects 4 to 5 monitors that don't exist. I manually disable them, but still that is kind of weird.

Is there a setting I'm not aware of that will address either one of these issues?


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What software are you using for your VR Headset?  AMD has it own VR software called AMD LiquidVR: Virtual Reality with LiquidVR™ Technology | AMD . Not sure if your Headset would be compatible with this software or not.

What are you using the VR Headset for? Gaming?

If it is for gaming, then you need to install "Driver's Options" to switch over to gaming from workload.

This from AMD concerning the AMD VEGA FE Graphic Card:

Driver Download

Unlock the full potential of the Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition with Radeon™ Pro Software

I Am Focused on Compute Workloads

Get your ROCm driver here.

I Am Focused on Workstation Workloads

If you are a workstation user on a Windows® platform, get your driver here.

If you are a workstation user on a Linux® platform, get your driver here.

I Am Focused on Game Development Workloads

Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition introduces “Driver Options”5. This allows you to switch from Radeon™ Pro Software to the latest Radeon™ Software Adrenalin Edition for Radeon™ Pro driver (a special version of our Radeon Software driver optimized for this feature downloadable from within Radeon™ Pro Settings) where you can access gaming features for playtesting and performance optimization.

If you are focused on game development on a Windows® platform, get your driver here and use “Driver Options” to switch to “Gaming Mode.”

I Just Want to Game

If you want to game on a Windows® platform, get your driver here and use “Driver Options” to switch to “Gaming Mode.”

If you get no answers from this User AMD Forum then open a AMD EMAIL SUPPORT TICKET from here: Email Form

For the Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality Headset I'm using the Mixed Reality Portal, Unity (latest version) for game development, and Steam VR.

Liquid VR appears to include support for Mixed Reality headsets...I don't see a download, so must be built in to the drivers, maybe?

The "Driver Options" sounds nice, but it doesn't exist for multi-gpu setups:  Page5 of states:

"This feature does not work in multi-GPU configurations".

I'd really just like a fixed 18.Q3 driver to get my fan speed control per GPU back.


Seems like it is included with the drivers but you have to activate it. This gaming website explains how to activate AMD LiquidVR: .

Copied from above link concerning LiquidVR and how it works:

This AMD Thread concern fan control on Vega FE mentions something about a Global Tuning Tab: Radeon Pro Adrenalin 17.12.2 VEGA FE fan issues?


Correct Answerby basherkabir on Aug 10, 2018 3:07 AM

RADEON PRO 18.Q3 driver solves the problem, they added the global tuning tab to control fan speed.

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I appreciate the help, but there is just a bug in the 18.Q3 enterprise driver that doesn't exist in the current Adrenaline driver or in any driver before that. I know, the answer is just to use an older driver, but the performance increase in other applications that comes with the ability to increase the GPU fan speed is a major bonus. So, I'll see if I can make a bug report.


sounds like a excellent plan.

You can report two ways:

By EMAIL SUPPORT in which you will get a reply back: Email Form

By AMD REPORT ISSUE online which will notify and make AMD Support aware that there exist a problem with a driver: AMD Issue Reporting Form . but no answer back.

Since you have a VEGA FE which is a Professional GPU card maybe fsadough​ might be aware of this problem with the Vega FE cards and might offer a suggestion.


Referring to the following issue:

"I also noticed that in driver 18.Q3 that my computer detects 4 to 5 monitors that don't exist. I manually disable them, but still that is kind of weird."

The two AMD vDisplays are included in the 18.Q3 driver. Theses are for Virtual displays. No need to disable them, just leave them as they are. Did you check if there are any updated drivers for the headset?


Yes, I checked the headset drivers - currently running the latest 1.0.8 from Samsung. I'm on the latest everything and still I've got a blinking headset display ( blinks off and on every 2 seconds or so - very steady).  I search quite a bit, and I feels like I'm the only one who has made any noise about this. There it is.

I contacted AMD about the potential bug. They said thanks. That's it.


Please file a support ticket along your OS


Just to follow up, I'm super annoyed. The drivers before 18.Q3 make my primary Vega FE GPU overheat and my computer sometimes shuts down as a result (doing mixed reality game development with the Mixed Reality Portal and the latest Unity version). The auto fan speed code you've got is not good enough - values low noise over performance. The 18.Q3 driver has some fan control which helps , but somebody broke the latest driver and now my mixed reality headset display blinks on and off for no reason. I'm literally working on a backup computer with an NVIDIA GPU just to get the job done. Seriously.


Windows 10 x64

Gigabyte x399 motherboard

AMD 1950x threadripper

4 Vega Frontier GPUs


Please file a support ticket and provide me with your ticket number


Ticket number: 8200830802





First I installed the Windows October Update that was released yesterday and tried the 18.Q3 driver again. Same blinking mixed reality display issue.

Then I noticed AMD release a 18.Q3.1 and the problem is no longer there. Hurray! Did some VR tests with the mixed reality portal and Steam VR and no crashes or weirdness so that's great.  Thanks!