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Driver 16.10.1 fixed temporally freezing of monitor

Finally the latest driver again fixed the freezing of my monitor every few minutes during video playback. I have WIndows 10 November version, with Visiontek 7850 video card and 16 gbytes of RAM with AMD 8 core CPU. This problem was fixed more than a year ago but showed up again afterwards. My question is Why can't AMD develop two drivers. One basic video driver for the latest video cards and one driver for gaming video. Everytime they start fixing glitches in games they screw up the basic video playback in some manner. If they just had one video driver that is able to run all video cards well it would be a lot less hassle for everyone. Since there are many games in use or coming out every year, trying to fix bugs that come out only during game playing will be better to have a separate driver which can be updated as often as need be.