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Same driver for so many series..

Not stable, so much bug, overload problems etc.  10 Years ago people pay for their card and they can't get a WHQL version.. 

Hey amd 10 years ago I pay for this card 250$ can I get a solid driver ?

AMD be like: Oh you guys have been supporting us for a long time thank's but we don't care you anymore... 

They can give fsr support for nvıdıa cards, but can't give update for their old cards what a company is that ?

At least do it properly lol.. And no I test so many cards and system with this drivers and all of them had the same problem.. 5000 /6000  15.7.1 WHQL Version worse btw

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Lol, so true, in my part of the world in the early 2000s "AMD" was synonymous to "nodrivers". It was just legendary and what modern guys may call a local meme. You would think 15-20 years later the problem would mostly be fixed, but nope. As an example, this: - you can't even override antialiasing proper. 

When AMD strike back againt's nvidia/intel 

lisa Su: FORGET THE PAST! TİME TO MOVE ON! That's how I see..

Looks like there is no hope... Same as valve promoting hl 3

Btw I hope you can get a proper update for that issue, that card goes up to 900/1000$ in my country...