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Adept II

DPC_WATCHDOG VIOLATION, PC randomly freeze with latest Radeon drivers

1 week i build a new PC with a 6700xt and a 5600x, i have updated everything, bios, chipset, drivers, W10 pro etc.
Everything works fine except that the pc randomly freezes (sometimes it can be after 1 or 8 hours etc ), then after a few minutes while frozen it shows a blue windows screen with this and reboots, i was using the 22.11.1 version because the 22.11.2 it makes my GPU have terrible coil whine. I have been researching and this happens to many people, they say that the solution is to use the 22.5.1 driver.
it is quite annoying to have to use drivers from 6 months ago because this problem has not been solved

rekoj_1-1674260500094.jpeg here is another post with this problem 

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