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double screen

dual screen with hdmi and VGA with radeon rx 550 4gb gddr5 the memory clock to the maximum 1750 mhz resolution hdmi 1920x1080 and vga  1280x1024 and amd fx8300 3.2 ghz msi 970 g-43 plus solution drivers 18.3.4

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Okay, nice information on your monitors and GPU card. But what is the Problem you are having?

Also as per AMD Forum rules please do the following : INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION

hello the problem is that the video card always stays at 1750 mhz clock

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see if this helps:

You can also try this solution from a previous thread. Seems like Relive tends to cause RX series GPU card to run at maximum at times. They basically ended the RELIVE task in Task manager. Afterwards the GPU went back to normal.

Finaly! Thx a lot!  I thougt i am the only one!

At HWMonitor, i have, from time to time, 100% and max GPU-Clock. After a few tests i did find the Problem:                            

Firefox + Youtube (Only Fullscreen) + ReLife-Host/Desktop task.

I did not have ReLive installed, but i have 17.12.2.

After killing the ReLive task... 0% GPU use.

How can i turn ReLive off ?

I did rename the .exe ... but its just a workaround ?! (amddvr.exe  + amdow.exe)

or the only way?

Win10 64Bit

Firefox 57.0.2

XFX 580 D: 17.12.2

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I don't have Relive installed, but there is still part of the program running. What I do is delete it. You can not run the Relive Performance Monitor after this, but it is so small, I cant see it anyhow.